Why can't I receive a text message with a verification code?

  1. If your recovery phone is no longer available, update it first. If you have trouble switching your recovery phone, visit "Restore security info" for assistance.

  2. Your SMS inbox might be full or internal storage on your device insufficient. Free up some space in such cases.

  3. Your mobile device might be out of network coverage. Make sure there's enough signal to receive a text message.

  4. Your phone might have been powered off when the text message came.

  5. You might need to check whether you prefixed your phone number with a correct country code. For example, Indian phone numbers should start with [+91].

  6. Your phone's balance might be insufficient. Top it up to activate the SMS service.

  7. You might need to reboot your device if you haven't done that in a very long time.

  8. SIM cards on dual SIM devices should be properly installed. Switch SIM cards places and try again.

  9. The message with a verification code might be viewed as spam.

  10. You might have requested too many verification codes for one day. You can receive 5 verification codes within 24 hours on the Chinese mainland and 3 codes elsewhere.

  11. If you chose to receive your verification code through WhatsApp, the code will have been sent to the WhatsApp account associated with your phone number instead of by SMS.

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