Customer Support:

Have the following info on hand so we can verify your identity and get started:

1. Mi Account info (Email and phone)

2. How you created your account (MIUI, MIUI Forum, Mi Talk)

3. The country in which you created your account

4. Previous passwords you’ve used (the older the better)

5. Devices you've used to sign in to your Mi Account

6. The IMEI numbers of devices on which you’ve signed in to your Mi Account (Android) How to view your device’s IMEI number Enter “*#06#” on the dial pad

7. The Wi-Fi address of the device on which you've signed in to Mi Talk (iOS) How to view your device’s IMEI number View this info in Settings > General > About phone > Wi-Fi Address

8. A recent contact you've chatted with in the past month (Mi Talk)

9. Purchases you’ve made on ( users)

10. Your forum nickname (Forum users)

The more info you provide, the easier it is for us to help.